Environmental monitoring system to the University of Helsinki

Emmi; ympäristömonitorointi

Masinotek has created an environmental monitoring service to the Lammi Biological Station of the University of Helsinki during summer 2012. Service is Internet-based and through it can be monitored numerical values measured by water quality monitoring probe which is installed at the lake Vanajavesi located at Hämeenlinna region. At this project is used a monitoring probe called YSI-probe which can measure water temperature, pressure, oxygen content and indirectly especially prevalence of blue-green algae at the lake water.

The probe is attached to the measurement raft anchored to the lake and probe values are being monitored hour by hour. The values measured by YSI-probe are sent with Keller GSM2 -datalogger and GPRS-transmitter to the Internet-server. From here the values are red again automaticlly to the EMMI-environmental monitoring platform created by Masinotek. Aim of the measurement operation is to investigate condition of water quality at the biggest lake area of Vanajavesi drainage basin especially during open water season.

The most central measurement parameters among other things are amounts of different pigments of blue-green algae in the lake water. Through EMMI-service researchers receive into their use almost realtime data of measured parameters as an graphical comparison curves and collected data is also downloadable as CSV-table data from the service for further processing.

The project has been published also as an public web-service at page http://vvk.masinotek.com (in Finnish). Masinotek's co-operation partners Vanajavesikeskus and The Lammi Biological Station of the University of Helsink has agreed together to publish the service to monitor the condition of whole drainage area of Vanajavesi. From public service page anyone has access to watch water condition of Vanajavesi during open water season 2012.

The most important values that can be monitored through the service are:

  • BGA-PC and BGA-PE : fluorescence values give information about the amount and activity of the algae in the water.

  • Chl and Chl RFU :  represents in general the amount and activity of the algae.

  • ODO :  describes how much water contains dissolved oxygen and at the same time ODO gives information about the amount of photosynthesis. With ODO content and saturation results can be calculated the amount of photosynthesis producing and draining oxygen. In that way the measurements give valuable information about metabolism of organisms and whole water system. SpCond or conductivity reflects the amount of ions dissolved to the water. Amounts of the ions are generally big at the eutrophic water systems and little at the low in nutriton water systems.

More information of the measurements please contact Professor Lauri Arvola, Lammi biological station, Helsinki University tel. +358 (0)9 191 40311, +358 (0)50-357 3079, lauri.arvola (at) helsinki.fi and more information of EMMI, please contact Managing Director Juha Pohjala, Masinotek Oy, tel. +358 50 5582255, juha.pohjala (at) masinotek.com.