Port of Rauma

Rauma, one of Finland's oldest coastal cities, recently decided to develop business potential by increasing the depth of its harbor, allowing larger ships to dock. Dredging requires careful measurement of the turbidity in the water to prevent damage to fish and plant life. Throughout the dredging process, environmental authorities require continuous monitoring of the sea environment. Monitoring is being carried out by Water Protection Association of the River Kokemäenjoki (KVVY).

Environmentally sustainable dredging using remote monitoring systems

Masinotek provides the entire data measurement system installing and maintaining IoT water sensors, data loggers, and EMMI software for data storage and visualization. The installation environment is more challenging than usual due to sensor site locations in the sea. The monitoring sites experience high waves, extreme temperatures, and strong winds. The sensors have been installed and operating since 2017 and are delivering daily real time, accurate measurements via the 3G cellular network to EMMI for anlaysis by KVVY researchers. Measurements offered by the sensors include temperature, depth, conductivity, and turbidity. Based on these measurements environmental experts can quickly alert authorities and the dredging company when acceptable turbidity values are exceeded. This process results in improved protection of the sea environment and highly satisfied government officials and private company customers.