Digitialization of maintenance processes (CMMS)

Masinotek internet based maintenance management system AHJO is for comprehensive management of preventive maintenance. Benefits of AHJO include increased maintenance productivity and reduced costs in material and machine downtime.

Remote monitoring systems

Masinotek has expertise in remote sensor technology in environmental settings, pipe networks, and industrial processes. Our proprietary software EMMI, provides data integration and analysis. Masinotek is a key partner in building and maintaining monitoring networks that are cost effective and provide an accurate picture of key indicators of the interest to our customers.

Environmental data integration, dashboards, and publishing

Masinotek is your data partner integrating disparate data from open online sources, databases, laboratory samples, and sensors from various manufacturers into one location for optimal viewing and analysis. Customized dashboards are available and live data feeds can be linked directly to the customer's website.

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