Emmi environmental monitorin system.

Environmental measurements and monitoring

EMMI - environmental monitoring software

EMMI is a versatile environmental monitoring browser based application. It enables real-time monitoring of measurement data from separate measurement points. EMMI features advanced API interfaces. EMMI acquires data wireless, using GPRS-,GSM- and LoRa-protocols from data loggers which can coupled with physical, biological and chemical sensors.

In EMMI, data is organised according to observation point in a way that the same system can include hundreds of observation areas and locations. Also attachment files, photos and metadata can be linked to each observation point.

Masinotek’s customers use the EMMI environmental monitoring software in the following processes:

Emmi monicoast online data. University of Helsinki, Tvärminne.

  • Ground water monitoring
  • Wetland and river discharge measurements
  • Lake and sea level monitoring
  • Dam monitoring - Monitoring of weather stations
  • Monitoring of the pumps of water supply plants
  • Agriculture emissions monitoring Monitoring of cyanobacteria in lakes
  • Monitoring of air emissions - Laboratory results collection
  • Monitoring of power plant emissions
  • Flood monitoring of rivers, water areas and peat wetlands.

By using the derived result calculation function, EMMI can be set to perform automatic calculations. This enables customers to consolidate measurement data from a multiple of monitoring sources and to view results calculated using their own formulas. EMMI can display data directly in the user interface by visually impressive graphs and diagrams. The results can be exported out of the system as basic tables and complete official reports.   For reliable measurement results, EMMI boasts an automatic processor that can automatically remove or change measurement results in the desired manner. In addition to this, EMMI’s basic features include a revision history, which means that users of the data can distinguish between the original and changed raw data results. Plenty of interfaces have been implemented into EMMI, and historical measurement results can be imported manually via the user interface and, if necessary, using CSV files. EMMI can be used to automatically export information into external systems and to download data from other systems using advanced API interfaces and transfer files (e.g. CSV and XML files).

Emmi responsive environmental monitoring system.

EMMI is used by research facilities, universities, water supply plants and energy facilities for diverse and automatic monitoring and long-term storage of measurement data. The system is particularly valued among customers who require the most advanced user interface and database features on the market and a system platform that is not depended on the supplier of the measurement devices.

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