Masinotek environmental expertise highlighted in China dam project consortium

A high technology business solution of Finnish water and digital expertise is the result of high level meetings between the Finnish Foresty and Agriculture Ministry and the Chinese Water Resource Ministry. A consortium of Finnish companies called DC Dams will develop this solution with a combination of IT, digitalization, and artificial intelligence focused on the sustainability, safety, and security of small and mid-sized dams in China and Kazakhstan. Masinotek is one of the small number of companies with high IT technology in the smart water sector in Finland to be chosen for this consortium.

Multiple factors pose threats to dams and resevoirs: aging effects on materials, increasing human activity in the nearby environment, terrorism, climate change, flooding, and changes in water quality. The effects of these factors on dams and resevoirs are diminishing value of use, decreasing structural integrity, and decreasing the lifespan. Dams are natural place for collection of manmade pollutants, sediment, and the growth of invasive species. Methane released by dams are also contributing to climate change.

The Digital Comprehensive Dam Solution Consortium (DCDams) is made up 15 members from the public and private sectors to address some of these threats to dams in China and Kazakhstan. These members are to form the core of a group that will provide this solution to the selected international markets. More members and components may be added to the group at a later date to complent the business solution. China and Kazakhstan are target markets due to expressed interest of the country authories and the large market potential. Funding to coordinate this solution is provided by the Forest and Agricultural Ministry of Finland.