University of Helsinki, Tvärminne

University of Helsinki is a world renowned research center ranked in the top 20 universities worldwide in the field of ecology according to the international Shanghai ranking 2018. Climate change and artic regions, the Baltic Sea, and urban ecosystems are priority topics in University of Helsinki ecological research. Tvärminne zoological research station is located at the entrance to the Baltic Sea where 250-300 visiting scientists per year conduct research on Baltic Sea ecosystem topics such as eutrophication, climate change, and acidification. Automated sensors provide data on turbidity, salinity, temperature, acidity, and oxygen, all critical factors in determing the condition of the environment for various plants and organisms.

Increasing public advocacy in marine research with live data

Masinotek EMMI software provides the link between environmental data and the researchers as well as the general public. Two measuring sites provide data measurements every 15 minutes which are transmitted to EMMI cloud software for storage, analysis, and visualiz ation. YDOC ML-E417ADS and ML-215DS loggers on surface buoys transmit data from sensors near the sea floor. Masinotek software developers included custom made visualization features for Tvärminne and linked Emmi data directly to University of Helsinki's website. This website display raises awareness of environmental issues among the public and increases public appreciation for the value of environmental research. Through long term tracking of environmental data and combining data from other sources such as water sample analysis, researchers are able to perform analysis more efficiently and effectively.

Visit the website to see real time data displayed on University of Helsinki's website thanks to Masinotek EMMI software.