Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Swedish University of Agricultural sciences (SLU) is a world renowned university ranked 4th is the world in agriculture and forestry sciences by QS TopUniversities. Over 3,500 researchers and doctoral students produce world class paradigm-changing academic research at SLU in many disciplines such as agriculture, forestry, ecology, and biology. SLU maintains multiple national research networks and represents Sweden in many international research projects. In a new research strategy, SLU is working to increase the transparency of their research data and modernize its environmental data measurement networks. Modernization increases the international prestige of the university and encourages international cooperation in research.

Environmental data integration for research efficiency

Masinotek's EMMI software is a key part of SLU's strategy in modernizing its environmental data network. Automated environmental measurement stations produce frequent, real-time measurements. EMMI automatically collects these measurements and displays them in a useable format for researchers and SLU partner organizations. SLU plans to connect a significant portion of their automated environment monitoring stations to EMMI in the near future as part of their modernization efforts. EMMI is internet cloud based and regular software updates and maintenance are performed by Masinotek as part of the subscription package. Masinotek programmers add additional features and more measurement stations as requested by SLU researchers. Long term storage of critical environmental data and sustainability of the the data system at SLU is secured thanks to Masinotek.