Uppsala University, Sweden

Uppsala University is Sweden's second largest university and home to the natural research station Erken. Erken research station is part of Sweden's Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES) network. SITES combines environmental measurement data from nine research stations in Sweden on climate, water, soil, and air for a wider understanding of ecology and biodiversity. Erken research station has monitored Lake Erken water quality using both manual and automated methods for many decades. Data collected through these measurements include water characteristics such as acidity, purity, temperature, depth as well as water content such as oxygen, phospates and some potentially harmful pollutants. Biological laboratory measurements of zooplankton and phytoplankton complement the chemical water data providing a complete picture of Lake Erken's ecological health.

Environmental data integration for research efficiency

Masinotek first provided its own proprietary EMMI environmental monitoring software in 2014. At the customer's request, Masinotek software developers created a new interface for EMMI to include weather station data from the Swedish Weather Institute (SMHI). In order to ensure higher quality data, Uppsala University also procured Masinotek maintenance software to maintain automated monitoring stations, preventing measurement errors and ensuring long term sustainability of the environment monitoring network. Masinotek software is a critical component of Uppsala University's world class environmental monitoring systems drawing researchers and visitors from around the world and inspiring countless students in their careers.