Groundwater is a critical natural resource. According to the United Nations affiliated Global Environmental Facility (GEF), almost 99% of the earth's freshwater resources are groundwater, and groundwater is used for 36% of the world's drinking water. The use of groundwater must be monitored to ensure long term sustainability for future generations. Alva (former Jyväskylä Energy Group) provides drinking water for Finland's 5th largest city of Jyväskylä. In addition to drinking water, the company provides water drainage services, wastewater, electricity, and heat for Jyväskylä city residents.

Real-time groundwater level monitoring and reporting for sustainable water use

Masinotek provided measurement systems for over 20 measurement sites to effectively monitor changes in groundwater levels. These measurements are an important part in complying with environmental laws from the Finnish government. Sensors measure the surface level of the groundwater tens of meters below the surface, and devices on the ground log and transmit data via the GSM network to the internet. Masinotek's proprietary EMMI software provides insights into these frequent measurements by combining, and displaying data for Alva. Water flow volume through groundwater extraction pumping stations are also measured to understand how pumped water volume corresponds to changes in groundwater levels. Data derived from water utility company weather stations in EMMI also provide insight into how rainfall affects groundwater recharge. Trends, such as significant variations in groundwater elevation or a change in the direction of the groundwater flow, are easily identified and measures to correct the problem can be taken immediately.