Maintenance system

Turku Region Water Ltd.

Turku is Finland's third largest city with over a quarter million residents and is located on the sourthwest coast of Finland. Turku Region Water Ltd. (TSV) provides water from both natural groundwater sources and artificial groundwater produced from filtered river water. TSV is the sole water provider for the entire city area with a network is spanning 250,000 square kilometers. Clean water is the lifeblood of city residents and critical for public health and hygiene. Poor maintenance of water supply network infrastructure can lead to interruptions in supply or health problems and disease.

Masinotek AHJO maintenance software increasing maintenenance productivity

Masinotek provides its proprietary AHJO maintenance software to ensure the optimal operation of the Turku Region Water Ltd. supply infrastructure. All TSV assets and equipment critical to the functioning of the city water supply are in a database along with lists of maintenace tasks for each entity. Software identifies responsible parties for the maintenance task and schedules required completion of the maintenance. A maintence log where technicians can record notes and observations helps to enhance the system.

Beginning work in the morning, each supervisor or techinician can view the day's maintenance tasks on their mobile phones. Reports on work completed are delivered to division managers. Alerts can inform managers of incomplete work or potential malfunctions. QR code assigned to each asset or equipment item provides quick acess for workers completing preventive maintenance or managers checking their work.