Environmental monitoring of the Lahti Water Lake Foundation via Masinotek's EMMI software

Vesijärvi maintenance. The Päijät Häme Vesijärvi Foundation has acquired the EMMI software prorgam from Masinotek. The Lake Vesijärvi Foundation is a unique Finnish initiative that combines public and private partners to secure funding for environmental research, maintenance, and management efforts in Lake Vesijärvi and its water catchment area. The foundation also works to improve the general public’s awareness of Lake Vesijärvi and its environmental condition and to promote all efforts to improve its water quality. The EMMI software now contains all environmental observation points covering a large lake area near the city of Lahti. The EMMI software system enables real-time data monitoring and helps monitor the environmental condition of the lake for recreation, industrial purposes as well as overall environmental health. This project highlights EMMI's strengths in combining historical enviromental data, online sensor monitoring systems, and current laboratory measurements via multiple application program interfaces (APIs) resulting in a real-time comprehensive data repository. In addition, EMMI boasts a geographical mapping representation of observation points to provide a greater overall understanding of lake conditions. This project highlighted the status of the city of Lahti as the European Capital of Environment in 2021.

All environmental measurement data in one system

EMMI software is the culmination of many years of development and fine tuning by Masinotek. The main goal of this project is to cover all of the environmental monitoring activities of the Vesijärvi Foundation. All environmental measurement data collected over many decades of the Vesijärvi Foundation's work were imported into EMMI In connection with the project. Now the old measurement time series data can be integrated in EMMI along with the latest data updated from automatic measuring devices.

Water analysis from two different laboratories via application programming interfaces integrated into EMMI

Automatic water quality measuring point at Vesijärvi. Environmental monitoring by the Vesijärvi Foundation is carried out both with automatic water quality measuring stations and with laboratory analysis based on sampling. Masinotek has developed numerous APIs for EMMI, through which all water analysis results can be imported automatically in real time from the laboratory systems of both Metropolilab Oy and KVVY Tutkimus Oy. In addition, this data is combined with historical water quality data imported from the Finnish Environment Institute's (SYKE) database into EMMI.

Continuous measuring stations connected directly to EMMI via APIs

The Vesijärvi Foundation and Lahti Aqua, the city of Lahti's water company, have previously acquired continuous water measurement stations from both Luode Consulting Oy and EHP Ympäristö Oy. Masinotek implemented application program interfaces in the EMMI system so that the measurement data stored in these separate data display services for operators is also automatically updated in the EMMI system of the Vesijärvi Foundation. Obtaining data from different sources into one system facilitates data monitoring, and within EMMI, data from different measurement sources can also be combined with common graphs and calculation results.

The map service supports the use of an extensive measurement system

Vesijärvi Foundations EMMI system map service. A map service developed by Masinotek has been integrated into the EMMI system, which allows the locations of the Vesijärvi Foundation's extensive sampling and sensor measurement points to be accurately located. The map makes it easy to find and compare the results of nearby measurement points, whether they are laboratory sampling locations under mandatory monitoring or real-time measurement results from continuous sensors. Extensive map material enables assessment of land use and sources of pollution in the areas surrounding the sampling points. With the help of the map service included in EMMI, researchers and other foundation partners can also quickly gain an understanding of the measurement system of Lake Vesijärvi and the surrounding areas.

Lahti as the European Capital of Environment in 2021

The eve of the 2021 Lahti EU Environment Year. The launch of the EMMI on the eve of the 2021 Lahti EU Environment Year is a significant event. In Lahti, an example can be shown not only of successful measures to improve the condition of lakes throughout Europe, but also of how important the monitoring of the condition of lakes is and how it is performed at its best in Finland. At such an important time, Masinotek Oy is very pleased to be able to provide such a comprehensive solution unmatched by any other on the European level. Together with the Vesijärvi Foundation, Masinotek is able to highlight its own expertise as a Finnish specialist in environmental technology, extensive monitoring systems, and measuring equipment technology.

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