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  1. Masinotek supplied indoor building measurements to the City of Vantaa

    Vantaan Leijassa Masinotekin kiinteistömittaukset Masinotek has implemented an indoor environment monitoring project for the City of Vantaa during the spring of 2022. The client in the project is Vantaan VTK Oy, which is responsible for the management of the city's offices as well as the technical management and maintenance of the properties. Masinotek delivered modern IoT sensors, transmitters and an online data monitoring service and data analytics to the interiors of two properties. The measurement data can be used in energy monitoring of the premises as well as indoor air monitoring and ventilation technical adjustment of buildings. Learn more
  2. Savonia University of Applied Sciences acquired an extensive stormwater monitoring system from Masinotek

    Measurement and data management system for the monitoring of stormwater sites by Masinotek Masinotek has provided a measurement and data management system for the monitoring of stormwater sites in the city of Kuopio. In its new HuLa project, Savonia University of Applied Sciences is developing and researching stormwater quantity and quality management as well as long term monitoring. Masinotek's total delivery covers radar-based flow meters, pressure sensors that monitor the stormwater levels and rain meters that monitor precipitation. The stormwater flow and other relevant parameters are collected in real time in an Internet-based EMMI environmental monitoring system developed and maintained by Masinotek. Learn more
  3. Masinotek implemented electricity consumption monitoring services for Sipoo Water

    Jätevesipumppaamon taajuusmuuttajat Sipoo Water has dozens of wastewater pumping stations, both local pumping stations as well as transfer pumping stations leading to Helsinki City's Viikki wastewater treatment plant. The combined electricity consumption of the pumping stations is a significant expense for the water utility, and costs are also increased by unintentional stormwater entering the sewer network. Masinotek has implemented an electricity consumption monitoring system for Sipoo Water, which collects hourly electricity consumption data from all wastewater pumping stations. These data can be used in the management of stormwater seepage and the optimization of pump station maintenance operations. Learn more
  4. The Natural Resources Center acquired Masinotek's environmental measurements and services for the climate project

    Masinotek Oy Luke Jokioinen field installation Peat fields account for more than half of Finland's agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. In its four-year project, Finland's Natural Resources Center, LUKE, is investigating the variability of the groundwater level in peat fields and its significance for carbon dioxide emissions of the peat field. During the summer and autumn of 2021, Masinotek will supply several dozen continuous IoT measuring stations and sensors to the project. Our company is also responsible for the field installation of the equipment, data collection and delivery of the data system, as well as maintenance for the Natural Resources Center. Learn more
  5. Environmental monitoring of the Lahti Water Lake Foundation via Masinotek's EMMI software

    Vesijärvi maintenance. The Päijät Häme Vesijärvi Foundation has acquired the EMMI software prorgam from Masinotek. The Lake Vesijärvi Foundation is a unique Finnish initiative that combines public and private partners to secure funding for environmental research, maintenance, and management efforts in Lake Vesijärvi and its water catchment area. The foundation also works to improve the general public’s awareness of Lake Vesijärvi and its environmental condition and to promote all efforts to improve its water quality. The EMMI software now contains all environmental observation points covering a large lake area near the city of Lahti. The EMMI software system enables real-time data monitoring and helps monitor the environmental condition of the lake for recreation, industrial purposes as well as overall environmental health. This project highlights EMMI's strengths in combining historical enviromental data, online sensor monitoring systems, and current laboratory measurements via multiple application program interfaces (APIs) resulting in a real-time comprehensive data repository. In addition, EMMI boasts a geographical mapping representation of observation points to provide a greater overall understanding of lake conditions. This project highlighted the status of the city of Lahti as the European Capital of Environment in 2021. Learn more
  6. Flow measurement services for Riihimäki Water's water supply network

    EMMI system including the mapping service. During the summer of 2020, Masinotek delivered a real-time flow and pressure monitoring service to the Riihimäki Water drinking water network, which includes 18 flow measurement sites. The project uses Masinotek's EMMI system, which has application program interfaces with the existing automation system and the data loggers delivered to the customer. Riihimäki Water aims to use flow and pressure data to prioritize the replacement of pipe infrastructure according to the areas with the most water leakage. An additional benefit of the system is in the quick location of major water leakage when the leaking water is not immediately visible on the surface. Learn more