Flow measurement services for Riihimäki Water's water supply network

EMMI system including the mapping service. During the summer of 2020, Masinotek delivered a real-time flow and pressure monitoring service to the Riihimäki Water drinking water network, which includes 18 flow measurement sites. The project uses Masinotek's EMMI system, which has application program interfaces with the existing automation system and the data loggers delivered to the customer. Riihimäki Water aims to use flow and pressure data to prioritize the replacement of pipe infrastructure according to the areas with the most water leakage. An additional benefit of the system is in the quick location of major water leakage when the leaking water is not immediately visible on the surface.

Extensive range of different flow measurement techniques

Badger magnetic inductive flow meter. In the project implemented for Riihimäki Water, Masinotek's delivery includes both application programming interface connections for automation software and equipment deliveries. During the summer of 2020, the main focus of equipment deliveries was on connecting Riihimäki Water's existing magnetic inductive flow meters for real-time monitoring in Masinotek's EMMI software. In addition, Masinotek pressure sensors have been delivered to the same measuring wells, so that both flow and pressure data from the same measuring well points can be sent with the same data loggers transmitting over the GSM network. Following deliveries included new measuring stations throughout the water supply network. The resulting monitoring system integrating flow data from automation systems, pre-existing measuring station, and newly installed measuring stations.

In follow-up projects, Masinotek also supplied and installed new pressure and flow measuring installations for the Riihimäki Water supply network.

The goal is to improve the network monitoring and leakage control processes

Pressure sensor in water network. In recent years, Masinotek has developed a variety of technologies and software aimed at improved real-time data collection in underground water supply networks. In the Riihimäki project, this includes a mapping service for geographical rendering of the water network and the flow and pressure sensor measurement installations as well alarm services alerting the customer to exceptional flow and pressure measurements. EMMI's "Derived Results" calculation feature can be used to monitor leakage as well as to compare data from different sensors, for example, in the event of a leakage or any large loss of water.

A cost-effective solution in for pipe network monitoring

The starting point for the delivery was the pursuit of maximum cost-effectiveness. All renewable monitoring points were carried out with Masinotek's battery-powered data logger, thus avoiding additional costs for network electricity connections. Also, the fact that existing magentic inductive flowmeters could be connected to new transimitting data loggers significantly reduced costs. Additionally, the aim is to carry out the delivery in such a way that the measuring station well fulfills only the functions necessary for the measurement without other additional equipment such as water sample collection for analysis. On the other hand, it is also possible to add these to Masinotek's measuring station wells whenever necessary.

New real-time technologies for tap water quality control

In connection with the Riihimäki Water project, Masinotek has also delivered a completely new technology for drinking water quality control. The aim here is to create a an early warning system that alerts authorities to water quality variations or problems at measurement points along the pipe network. The first sensor assembly was installed at Riihimäki Water to monitor turbidity and COD concentrations as indicators of water quality. Sensor data is collected in our EMMI software where the values ​​can also be compared with the water sample laboratory analysis data integrated via an application program interface (API). In the future, real-time sensors along the network will be able to quickly provide information on ​​water quality fluctuations, for example in pipe breakage situations.

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