Masinotek supplied indoor building measurements to the City of Vantaa

Vantaan Leijassa Masinotekin kiinteistömittaukset Masinotek has implemented an indoor environment monitoring project for the City of Vantaa during the spring of 2022. The client in the project is Vantaan VTK Oy, which is responsible for the management of the city's offices as well as the technical management and maintenance of the properties. Masinotek delivered modern IoT sensors, transmitters and an online data monitoring service and data analytics to the interiors of two properties. The measurement data can be used in energy monitoring of the premises as well as indoor air monitoring and ventilation technical adjustment of buildings.

Paine-eroanturi ja olosuhdeanturi kiinteistön etämittauksissa

IoT enables quick project implementations

First, in cooperation with the city of Vantaa, the parameters for the indoor monitoring of the selected properties were defined. Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration were chosen as the measurement variables to be monitored in all properties. In addition, data on the pressure differences between the outside air and the inside air were also requested. Masinotek was able to use its existing measurement technologies in the project, both in terms of sensors and network technology. Therefore, it was possible to acquire all the measuring units quickly and cost-effectively from Masinotek's current technology suppliers.

Kiinteistön LoraWan sisätila-anturi

The sensors combine both LoraWan and NB-IoT networks

Masinotek chose both battery-operated and network power connected devices as measuring units. The battery-operated devices were connected to Digita's nationwide LoraWan transmission network via Masinotek's own Digita user account. The location of the devices in terms of network connectivity in above-ground indoor spaces was already verified as adequate prior to the installation phase. Battery life of these measurement points is projected to be almost ten years. The pressure difference sensors were connected to the network power via a power converter and send data using GSM network technology in the NB-IoT network. Combined network technologies and operators are used in almost all of Masinotek's monitoring projects.

Masinotek's EMMI system is well suited for indoor monitoring of the property

Regarding the data system implementation, the project was implemented within the framework of Masnotek's proprietary data monitoring internet based services. In practice, the data of all measurement points are monitored with the EMMI system implemented by Masinotek, whose ready-made features support all the basic measurement and data analytics needs of the property. In the project, two new sensor types were introduced, the interfaces of which differed somewhat from the previously used devices. In order to monitor these devices, Masinotek's software developers coded the necessary changes and additions to the Masinotek application programming interface (API) services.

The entire system was up and running in a couple of weeks

Masinotek was able to demonstrate superior delivery readiness in the project. According to the project program of the city of Vantaa, the entire system had to be completed from planning to delivery in just four weeks. Since the techniques and software systems for remote monitoring already existed at Masinotek, risks and technical implementation challenges were minor. Best of all, the project was able to directly use Masinotek's EMMI system without any changes to data monitoring practices or data analytics.

Kiinteistön ilmankosteus LoraWan tekniikalla

The measurement project produces interesting data for property maintenance and energy saving

The project collects measurement data from two properties in the city of Vantaa every hour. Masinotek's EMMI system collects and combines the measurement results of different room spaces in real time into a unified image view of the entire property. Users can monitor measurement results with several types of graphs directly on the internet browser. Data can be filtered, different monitoring periods can be selected, and the measurement results can be analyzed through EMMI. Already at the very beginning of the project, the technical management of Vantaa VTK was able to verify the accuracy of the measurement data, and the assumption is that the results can be used in the longer term to adjust the ventilation systems and energy management of the property.

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