Keuruu Water chose Masinotek's AHJO maintenance system

Keuruun Veden jätevesilaitos Keuruu Water conducted an extensive procurement process and considered many options in selecting a suitable maintenance management software. The goal was to integrate software into their maintenance operations that would support the entire operation of water utilities, both in terms of piping networks and in terms of wastewater treatment plants and water abstraction facilities. The selection of Masinotek's AHJO maintenance software was supported by the recommendations of other water utilities, mobile usability and the possibility to obtain a compatible pipe network map service from the same supplier.

AHJO was launched in record time

Although a reasonably long time was spent in acquiring the software, Keuruu wanted to start using the maintenance software as soon as possible. This was supported by Masinotek's experience in fast delivery of even large software packages. Over many years of software development and deliveries Masinotek has not only streamlined and automated many phases of the installation of maintenance management software but also increased the number of customizable features. This maximizes customer satisfaction throughout the installation process.

venttiilit mittakaivossa

The greatest need for maintenance and service was in sewage piping networks and pumping stations

Existing asset lists containing technical data in Excel were exported directly to AHJO's database by Masinotek. Existing scheduled and preventative maintenance activities of wastewater pumping stations were also included in AHJO's preventative maintenance functions.

The new preventive maintenance calculation algorithm also schedules annual maintenance

Keuruu wanted to make the most of AHJO's automated functions, especially in scheduling preventive maintenance. This was facilitated by new algorithms developed by Masinotek, useful in indicating when annual and triennial maintenance must be performed in addition to weekly or monthly maintenance. These periodic maintenance rounds can now be integrated within the same preventative maintenance form, which also records weekly inspections. AHJO indicates with traffic lights clearly visible in the top bar if, in addition to the weekly inspection, the device or plant process should also be subjected to more extensive maintenance every 1-3 years.

Kunnossapitojärjestelmä AHJO ja verkkotietojärjestelmä

Network maps and network information system as part of the AHJO maintenance system

The city of Keuruu includes several smaller villages and, through the Association of Finnish Municipalities, also the former municipality of Haapamäki. Today, the locations of field assets over a large geographical area are easily determined with the help of Masinotek's Masmaps map service, which was introduced in connection with AHJO. The map service is a proprietary application that integrates into AHJO's user interfaces and is able to access the data stored in AHJO. In this way, each AHJO asset to which coordinates are given is also immediately visible in the map service. If necessary, the map service also opens directly on the screen of the mobile device and can be used to navigate directly to the destination.

As part of the introduction of the map service, Masinotek also integrated Keuruu Water's pipe network map data as map layers. Masmaps uses real-time data from the National Land Survey of Finland as background maps. These include basic maps with elevation curves, aerial photography maps, property data, and property boundaries. Masmaps updates the user's location on the map every five seconds directly on the screen of the mobile device. This makes it easier to find underground network sites in difficult terrain and record network maintenance maintenance right on the job site.

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