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  1. Keuruu Water chose Masinotek's AHJO maintenance system

    Keuruun Veden jätevesilaitos Keuruu Water conducted an extensive procurement process and considered many options in selecting a suitable maintenance management software. The goal was to integrate software into their maintenance operations that would support the entire operation of water utilities, both in terms of piping networks and in terms of wastewater treatment plants and water abstraction facilities. The selection of Masinotek's AHJO maintenance software was supported by the recommendations of other water utilities, mobile usability and the possibility to obtain a compatible pipe network map service from the same supplier. Learn more
  2. Turku Region Water (TSV) ordered Masinotek's online network information service

    Turku Region Water online network information service by Masinotek Oy. Masinotek has delivered a network information system (NIS) for the water supply network to Turku Region Water (TSV), one of Finland's largest wholesale water companies supplying water to nine cities in southwest Finland. The network information system Masmaps will be integrated into the maintenance software AHJO, which Masinotek has already supplied to TSV many years ago. The mapping software helps to monitor network fault situations and maintenance operations in a large area of ​​water supply operations in southwestern Finland. Learn more
  3. Porvoo Energy procures AHJO maintenance management software

    Porvoo Energy chimneys. Porvoo Energy is a major regional producer and distributor of heat and electricity in southern Finland. Almost all of the district heat and power it generates today is based on 100% renewable energy sources. Porvoon Energia has several power plants and district heating pipe networks in the Porvoo area. The energy firm acquired full-service AHJO computerized maintenance management software from Masinotek. Learn more